Hi, I am

Sachin Vishwakarma

Passionate, enthusiast and forward-looking Software Engineer with 8+ years background in developing and deploying the innovative software solution to enhance business productivity. Highly skilled and experienced in all phases of software development lifecycle and end to end project management


Work experience so far...

Developed, Enhanced and delived following project/web applications with Test driven development approcach whilst adhare to the Agile methedology in managing the projects

Blenheim Chalcot, Inc. 05/2021 Mumbai, India

Senior Software Engineer

  • Implemented a dynamic flow to read the Incident messages from microsoft for the applied applications to notify about impact in the communication channel ahead of time, resulting in preparing for service downtime ahead of time.
  • Configured the realtime application monitoring and notification to the application support team, resulting in 30% less application support ticket.
  • Enhancement of existing application and bug fixing resulting in better performance of application
Agilisys Limited 11/2017 - 04/2021 London, UK

Senior Software Engineer

  • Learning the new UI Library and worked on frontend part of project using ReactJS, Material-UI and Javascript.
  • Performed the design and development of new feature to existing site with test driven development approach with minimal bug in the given time constraint.
  • Integrated the third party application interface in a daily run job to produce the report for sales pitch and application insight reporting, Resulting in better resources for sales and management team.
  • Key member in architecture design of the SSO integration engine, resulting in integration of new SSO from third in no time and increased the partner ship addition by 25%.
  • Modification on existing build pipeline, introduced new steps for project deployment which reduced the build time by 12%.
  • Learning of Octopus deployment tool and Enhancement of existing deployment script resulting in increase in the deployment speed and reduced the dowontime by 3-4 hours.
  • Introduced the process of testing the live site without hampering the existing live users resulting in improvement of Client's live website testing procedure.
  • Lead the server migration project from on-premises to Azure cloud
Agilisys IT Services 11/2016 - 11/2017 Mumbai, India

Software Engineer/Senior Software Engineer

  • Worked on project with ASP.NET and .NET MVC in the same solution and build.
  • CSLA .NET framework for business object creation, Worked on Dependency injection for logical layer separation.
  • Improve the design and third party template integration of application using the expertise of bootstrap web design framework, resulting in reduction of UI bugs by 13%.
  • Learned the mocking framework and implemented the Unit tests of the code resulting in reduction of bugs introduced by fresh development massively.
Loylty Rewardz PVT LTD 11/2012 - 10/2016 Mumbai, India

Trainee / Software Engineer

  • Learned and shared the knowledge of web design framework bootstrap within team resulted in the rapid application designing and development.
  • Worked on movie aggregator module which leads to reduce the number of movie booking failure by 25% using mapping logic in database and application layer.
  • Integrated third party API to project whilst leading a small team of size 3 with Test driven development approach.
  • Involved in the core design team for developing micro services to serve existing portal by using dependency injection. Gained the performance by 40% as well as reduction in the efforts of report generation and reconciliation of bookings.
  • Improved the performance of several stored procedure by 60% by introducing appropriate joins and index.
  • Deciplined use of Jquery and javascript code to improve the application user experience on frontend


Following specialised skillset I am bringing to the table to add value in your team to improvement and growth of organization


  • React JS
  • Redux
  • Bootstrap
  • Material-UI
  • Javascript
  • Jquery


  • .NET MVC
  • C#
  • .NET Web API
  • Entity Framework
  • Biztalk
  • Node JS
  • Express JS


  • MS SQL
  • MongoDB

Out of the box

  • Azure Cloud
  • RootzJS
  • Octopus Deploy
  • Azure Devops
  • Git
  • TFS
  • Powershell scripting
  • Selenium
  • Automation testing


Following are the badges earned with hardwork and day to day work experience

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (MB-901)
Microsoft Powerplatform Fundamentals (PL-100)

Education and qualifications

Completed the Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from a well recognised university of Mumbai, India.

Hands on experience

Some projects made using latest techstack in the portfolio

React Web application

  • Implemented the web application using ReactJS, Material-UI and Javascript
  • Integrated the serveral Web API's to showcase the work
  • Added feature to cover the real time scenarios in modern web application


  • Implemented the Web API using NodeJS and ExpressJS
  • Implemented the frontend using plain html and javascript
  • Learned and designed the backend schema in MongoDB

Contact Me

Feel free to express your view and catch up.


United Kingdom.